Our People

Beth – Founder and Reformer Pilates Instructor

Here at Functional Pilates and Movement – we are truly that – a functional movement collective of amazing, highly qualified and experienced instructors of breath and movement. 

We know about each and every one of you when you come to class, whether you have tweaked your knee recently or are recovering from major surgery and rehab-ing.  Whether you are fine tuning your body ready for an ultra-marathon or Hyrox competition, or regaining strength and confidence after a hip replacement.   We are all here to offer movement in all its guises, and our classes, just like our teachers, compliment not contradict.  

You can choose to stick with one style of class or mix it up for maximum benefit.  It is not an either or here.  Neither is it an either or of pilates or yoga, matwork or reformer, 1:1 or group sessions. 

We are a collective of teachers approaching movement in all its beautiful and multi-faceted ways.


Meet Our Team

Amy has been practicing Pilates for many years and became a qualified instructor in 2015. Amy is trained in Mat and Reformer Pilates as well as Barre and large equipment-based movement. She loves how Pilates is for everyone and hopes every client leaves her classes feeling stronger, stretched and most importantly, smiling.


Reformer Pilates

Jacqui teaches flow on the reformer and yoga mat, exploring alignment and activation/release which is great for beginners and rehabilitating injuries. All of her movement based teaching complements her sports and remedial massage held in our Treatment Room.
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Yoga, Reformer and Massage

Andrea uses a mix of dynamic movements with precision , control and power to strengthen and co-ordinate clients to improve mind/body connection as well as improving muscle tone and balance. She comes with a fitness background as a personal trainer as well as a reformer pilates teacher.


Reformer Pilates

Emma’s classes are influenced by strength training, yoga and her dance background. Though a professional ballet dancer for 20 years, Emma is equally at home teaching elite athletes, Pilates beginners, injury rehab and general maintenance classes.


Reformer Pilates

Teaching since 2006, Catherine added to her skills by qualifying as a Level 4 instructor for the management of low back pain and as a Back Care Practitioner. She also teaches "Pilates for Bone Health" which is a programme specifically for clients with osteoporosis.


Mat Pilates

Sarah is influenced by many forms of Yoga including Ashtanga and Hatha. Her Loft Studio classes explore a combination of strength and ease. To book a class with Sarah, please do so via her website.
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